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The VIRTUA Partner Program was built to help facilitate strategic partnerships between VIRTUA Technologies and partners who actively support clients in regards to the implementation, development, and everyday management of VIRTUA products and services.

“Through close, dedicated cooperation all parties can benefit - us, you, and your clients.”

David Vyskočil, CEO
Your Opportunities

Technology partner

Partners operating within the technology sector can provide high value to their clients by offering VIRTUA and creating custom solutions that showcase a more robust, multifaceted approach to help grow their business.
Your Opportunities

Consultancy partner

Through a consulting partnership, our partners can resell VIRTUA technology and its related services. While Consultancy Partners provide advanced data-analytical services, the VIRTUA team provides support, implementation services, and related advisory services. VIRTUA clients can freely choose any Consultancy partner according to their specialization

Partner Tiers

Offer more value to your clients than ever before with our three-tier program that supports a variety of engagement models, whether you sell-with, resell, or perform service delivery.


At the highest tier of the program, our Platinum partners are able to ensure support for global companies, maintaining a high level of professionalism and overall excellence.


As leaders in a particular industry or solution area, Gold partners typically work with an existing client base and usually operate within a specific country or regional territory.


Our Silver partners are our entry-level partners, who are authorized to resell VIRTUA technology with the appropriate agreements.

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