Data Governance

Audience Studio

Empower your current marketing ecosystem with the seamless integration of VIRTUA’s smart data, which requires absolutely no changes to your existing marketing tech stack and connects and synchronizes with all of your current data.
Unified Data
VIRTUA unites advertising platforms, empowering marketers to create and maintain consistent messaging across all display campaigns, PPC, social networks, emails, and websites.
Get More from Your Existing Ecosystem
Choose the appropriate client segment, create VIRTUA data, and use it in your existing marketing ecosystem, effectively increasing your ROI without the need for additional technology.
Attract New Clients
There’s no new business, without new clients and increasing the effectiveness of your acquisition is made all the more effective with VIRTUA’s easy-to-use look-alike modeling.

Key Capabilities

Reach Further...

Audience Studio can be connected to some of the largest data management platforms, such as Oracle BlueKai, Google DoubleClick, or Adform, extending your reach further and targeting potential clients seemingly anywhere.

And Even Further

If that wasn’t enough, further increase the reach of your campaigns, while significantly reducing cost and increasing conversion, utilizing cookies, emails, social networks, and SMS, with respective data selection and prediction optimized according to your goals.

Client Behavior 2.0

Powered by predictive algorithms, Audience Studio allows you to choose clients not only according to their behavior and shopping history, but also according to criteria such as favorite brand, preferred service, marital status, and more.

Segmentation in a Multi-screen World

With the ability to segment based on device type and related data, Audience Studio extends your opportunities to reach them in a relevant, optimized manner.

Ad-serving Tool that Predicts and Personalizes

Build your own curated audience and reach them with customized content displayed anywhere on the internet, using Audience Studio as an ad-serving tool for personalized display banners.

Expand and Enrich

Have your own existing data? Audience Studio’s analytical models can be easily expanded to work with your specific data, using this extended and rich information to further improve segmentation and targeting.

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