Omnichannel Personalization

VIRTUA Content Personalization

VIRTUA knows your customers better than you do. That’s how you want it. Outperform competitors by presenting your customers with content they really care about, markedly increasing your overall client satisfaction and profitability.
Stay “Always On”
Working 24/7, 365 days a year, VIRTUA’s always running, continually identifying the most suitable products or services across various marketing channels, including your website, and curating and presenting those recommended offers to your client.
Data that Communicates
Increase campaign efficiency and decrease customer frustration as VIRTUA controls which suitable products are displayed across email, web, and social networks, ensuring clients are never unnecessarily targeted for a particular product or service in excess.
Shopping Behavior Analysis
The key to your success is knowing your customer’s interests and shopping history. VIRTUA knows both and is able to identify which products the client is most likely to buy, automatically making an offer before they go to a competitor.

Key capabilities

Real-time Personalization

VIRTUA immediately recommends the most appropriate products and services based on client behavior ensuring recommendations are timely, relevant, and effective.

Self-learning Detections

With special self-learning detections, which constantly analyze visitor behavior, VIRTUA can predict the most appropriate offer, fueling high-performing campaigns.

Specially-trained Algorithms

Visitors behave differently across the entirety of a website, meaning a specific approach for each page is usually warranted. With specially-trained algorithms that provide a customized, relevant experience on each page, VIRTUA makes sure your content matches the visitor’s intended behavior.

Personalization Across all Marketing Channels

Thanks to VIRTUA’s diverse customer data, including reactions, tendencies, and interests, all visitor behaviors are taken into account and content is personalized to an even higher degree across multiple marketing channels.

Full Multi-screen Support

VIRTUA automatically syncs and collects data across all devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and desktops, providing fluid, cohesive communications no matter how a user chooses to connect.

Acquisition that Reaches Further

Spread your exposure and acquisition efforts even further using VIRTUA’s personalization engine, which will recommend relevant products or services outside your regular marketing channels, including an external blog or website.

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