Deep Analytics

Analytics that Deliver

Discover hidden dependencies and form new, verifiable arguments for your decision-making process with our powerful analytics, which are all presented within an easy-to-use, dynamic platform.
All-in-one CRM
Compiling and utilizing your data has never been easier. Easily link all of your campaign performance data from VIRTUA, social media, and PPC into one view, making accessing and working with that data a living, integrated part of your long-term strategy management.
Smart Reporting
Even if you have large amounts of data at your disposal, are you truly able to properly and effectively analyze it all? Take advantage of VIRTUA’s intuitive user interface and functionality, to easily create your own custom analytical views without the need for IT help or external consultants.
High-performing Analytical Models
Our Deep Analytics include analytical models that enrich and enhance your predictive data, including ones that measure anticipated client activity, client total value, and socio-economic indicators.

Key capabilities

Link Almost Any Data

With our Deep Analytics, you can link up to more than 80 independent data sources, including Facebook, Adwords, Google Analytics, or even from your very own information system, creating a truly comprehensive and powerful data-driven CRM.

Simple and Intuitive

Thanks to the custom-built visual interface, preparing and linking new data for analysis is an easy, user-friendly process, completed with a few clicks and without the need for any extra IT help.

Present Data Your Way

Display analytics in a way that your colleagues can easily understand, with the ability to create interactive infographics or integrate real-time data, injecting clear, objective context and insights into your presentations.

Advanced Data Analysis

With a selection of prepared analytical models, you can find new, powerful ways to explore your data, discovering hidden dependencies and learning more about what’s influencing tracked value, all fueling your predictions and next steps.

Share Analyses

Did you find something worth presenting to your colleagues? Providing insight into your analysis is an easy, collaborative process with dashboards that can be freely shared via email, web, or in-app.

Integrate Custom Data

Do you have unique data that you need integrated? Not a problem. We’re ready and able to create customized analytical models that reflect these important dependencies in your business and marketing strategy.

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