E-mail Marketing

VIRTUA Omnichannel Personalization

Conquer Personalization and capitalize on one of the most potent marketing methods being utilized today. With VIRTUA’s AI, knowing what your clients want to see and presenting the best offer, at the best possible time, is fully automated and optimized.
Broaden and Evolve
In order to succeed in today's high-tech world, marketers need to evolve and get closer to clients than ever before. Algorithm-based campaigns, with their automated ability to make relevant, data-driven impressions that truly resonate, are the cutting-edge solutions clients need to outperform competitors.
Deeply Personal
As a relationship grows, so does VIRTUA’s personalization tools and segmentation metrics. With the capability to continually learn on its own, VIRTUA’s sophisticated AI can make informed, real-time decisions that mirror the ever-changing preferences and interests of your clients.
Mail that Truly Delivers
Just because your email was sent, doesn’t mean it was truly delivered. VIRTUA’s machine learning algorithms optimize your email campaigns, significantly increasing open rates and helping get your content seen, not deposited into a spam folder.

Key capabilities

Emails that Work

Increase your email conversion rates with VIRTUA’s machine learning algorithms that automatically recommend the most appropriate service or product to each and every client.

Effortless Email Marketing

Make customer habits and actions work to your advantage utilizing VIRTUA’s triggers, which automatically respond to events and preferences such as an abandoned cart, shopping interests, and repeat orders.

Accessible, Interconnected Data

All of VIRTUA’s vast data is readily within reach, empowering you to connect with the ideal audience and engage with them through powerful, targeted campaigns that deliver the right message, at the right time.

Transactional e-mailing

Thanks to VIRTUA APIs, you can automatically react to a client’s actions performed within third-party apps, sending data-driven, personalized emails that are specifically tailored to those respective behaviors occurring outside of VIRTUA.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Through the use of an easy-to-use, web-based editor, you can create beautiful, responsive emails that display perfectly on both desktop and mobiles and are tailored to each individual client, all without the need for coding.

Extended Coupon Marketing Support

Let VIRTUA show you how strong voucher marketing can truly be, by waking sleepy clients or increasing the success of regular, ongoing campaigns, all performed without needlessly offering discounts to those who would purchase anyway.

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