VIRTUA Scenarios

Inject creativity back into your work processes using VIRTUA’s predefined and customizable scenarios. Create a strategy and let VIRTUA do the rest, initiating and executing your activities, all the while, continually reacting and optimizing based on the real-time behavior of your target group.
Focus on Strategy
VIRTUA’s advanced algorithms and software does the work of an expensive analyst, turning your data into actionable intelligence, freeing up your resources so you can focus on what matters - your strategy. Over time, VIRTUA will continue to learn and adapt to meet and exceed the results you desire, improving scenarios and campaign performance.
Always on Top of its Game
What works today may not work tomorrow and certainly won’t in a month. VIRTUA is the only platform currently on the market that automatically adjusts scenarios over time, building upon what performs well and eliminating what doesn’t.
User-first Experience
Designed from the bottom up to be user-friendly and efficient, VIRTUA provides a simple, flexible integration process and delivers results rapidly, within a matter of days.

Key capabilities

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, VIRTUA can automatically analyze and predict the most appropriate next steps, rapidly and in real time.

Integrate with Ease

VIRTUA’s integration with your external and/or internal marketing tools is seamless and easy, with scenarios existing as a dynamic layer on top of your site, meaning there’s no need for extra development or IT assistance.

Business-first Design

Built upon simple workflow diagrams, VIRTUA’s scenarios are quick and easy to initialize and execute, with no need for specialized coding or database processing.

Optimization in Motion

As the only automated platform of its kind, VIRTUA can continually adjust scenarios over time, always maintaining the best possible performance.

All-in-one Cross-channel Solution

Through the utilization of APIs and webhooks, VIRTUA connects all of your marketing channels, from mailing to social networks, all in one place, giving you complete oversight and control of your marketing strategy.

Efficient & Cost-effective

VIRTUA not only automatically uses all available data to optimize working scenarios, but offers ample reporting and sharing options, saving you the costs and resources related to dedicated data analysis. 

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